We Help Companies

to Grow with Talent and Technology

Let’s drive real results

Let’s drive real results

Flexible IT and staffing solutions that guarantees result! We develop comprehensive solutions for businesses that improve their workflow and boost productivity.

Your companion to move faster

Your companion to move faster

We are an innovative company that matches the needs of our clients and provides impeccable solutions that streamline their operations and improve the efficiency of their workforce.

Transforming the way your business grows!

Transforming the way your business grows!

CovetIT provides advanced IT and workforce management solutions that are fundamental to the growth of any business. Without innovation, there is only regression.


Services We Provide

IT Staffing and Consulting

Providing businesses with talented and experienced IT professionals to ensure a smooth operation and facilitate their growth in the competitive scene.

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Project Management

Bespoke Project Management solutions for businesses that deliver unmatched results and enable them to unleash the full potential of their workforce.

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Enterprise Applications

Integrating core business practices via a single software architecture to improve workflow, coordination, and productivity in business environment.

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Application Development

Applying the latest application development solutions that improve existing IT infrastructure to guarantee streamlined business operations and optimize resource utilization.

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Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing Solutions are the services that one-roof all the solutions relating to technology. With the latest technology, we offer our customers leading technologies to optimise your operations.

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Business Process Development

Expert Business Processing Outsourcing solutions that promote growth and enhance the competitive advantage our clients enjoy in the market over their competitors.

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Our Vision and Values

Mission: CovetIT is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We strive to add value to our client’s businesses and to build an exclusive clientele through our disciplined and innovative approach.

  • RDisciplined: At CovetIT, we deliver satisfactory results to our clients with integrity.
  • RRespect: The team at CovetIT treats everyone, from the client to the employees, with respect.
  • RPassion: We are committed to excellence and take pride in our work.






Our Clients



The new norms of going digital and introducing business applications were one of the milestones our local business was missing. We were low on budget and time but had the highest hopes for the end results. Thanks to the team, we were able to make it possible at high speed. We just launched, and our current customers like this levelling up. We are happiest when our clients are happy.

Trisha Mohan

With the recent meeting, we analysed we need to devote our complete dedication to the core business rather than over follow-ups and other auxiliary services. We wanted to completely outsource the business process operation to a third party that can maintain our privacy and work within terms and conditions binding on us as an institution. Luckily, we got in touch with your team and are now able to hand over the tasks. Thanks, Team!

Advait Kumar

Our company is growing and to improvise our offerings we were in need of talented personnel. The staffing system is new to us as we grew as a company with one recruitment at a time. New projects and collaborations were engaging us completely. Thus, we were willing to outsource it to a reliable team that was able to understand our work culture and help us. Our team is grateful for the assistance and service, and we are happy to welcome new staff.

Persia William

We could not meet workflow demand as we needed more team members to handle tasks. Our urgent need for IT Staff was met in no time. We are glad we trusted Covetit Inc, and soon our work-in-progress seems to be getting completed. The whole process was smooth; thank you for responsibly handling the task.


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